Providing Lodging and Caring Support for Families of patients requiring medical care in Greater Philadelphia.

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Rahwa is a 4 year-old girl with a rare and complex heart defect.

Through the kindness of many strangers, her family escaped from Afghanistan. Her family was then brought to the U.S. so she could be seen at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. A treatment plan is being developed likely to require many surgeries over a lengthy period of time.

From October 28-November 16, Rahwa, her parents, brothers ages 1 and 7, uncle and grandmother were welcomed into a HOSTS for HOSPITALS home in Center City. Philadelphia showed itself the true ‘City of Brotherly Love’ as neighbors joined in providing food, warm clothing and other essentials!

Rahwa’s family has moved to a new HOSTS for HOSPITALS home as the evaluation of her medical condition continues.

(Check back each week to be updated on this developing story)

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  • “We couldn’t find any places where we all could stay there”

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