Give the Gift of a Safe, Affordable, and Worry-Free Place to Stay this holiday season

Our goal is to raise
at least $40,000

IT ALL ADDS UPmake the gift of any size so patient-families traveling to Greater Philadelphia for medical care may have a safe and socially distant place to stay!

Keeping Families Together
Help sustain our outreach efforts to obtain long-term, multi-bedroom housing for more pediatric-families who, due to family-size, no longer qualify to stay at a Ronald McDonald House.

Life Saving
Allow us to have more housing available on short-notice for patients, or family members, when an emergency medical condition requires a last minute trip to a Greater Philadelphia hospital.

Relieving of Stress
Help us expand the types and geographic range of housing we have to offer, so patient-families may be placed as near as possible to their treating hospital, and otherwise have their specific lodging needs met.

Access to Care
Will make possible for more patients to travel to receive medical care, like international patients who must quarantine before admission, and people who come from hours away to receive daily, out-patient radiation treatments.

Building Our Community’s
‘Hospitality With a Heart’ Program
During the time of the pandemic, patient-families are in urgent need of private-setting lodging. Please let us know if you or anyone you know may have some type of private housing to offer at any time now through next this summer: e.g., AirBnBs, carriage houses, in-law suites, corporate apartments, vacant homes or apartments, such as of people away at the shore.

Please also click here to receive a pre-populated email about the need which you may then post/share through any social media channels, community groups, corporate email postings, or other communication formats that you have access.

“”A Second Home to Go to While Patient-families Were at my Empty Condo”

Our deepest thanks to these Corporate Community Champions:

Ways to Donate

Every dollar you contribute helps make
someone’s medical journey a little easier.

Growing Our Programs


Help us grow the type, number and geographic locations of housing in our network, especially those that are private-setting lodging


Raising awareness of our programs at any company or community group where you have a connection


Thanks to our Greater Philadelphia medical systems that refer patients & sponsor us

Shared Stories

Personal journeys, life-long bonds and heartfelt appreciation.

A Third Set of Grandparents
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