Community Groups

Introducing via any group forum the opportunity
to become part of our helping patient-families.

Outreach Throughout the Community
About Our Program

Think about how many book clubs, music venues, school programs, community fairs, speakers series, holiday gatherings, organization and neighborhood association meetings which you, your family & friends take part.

Each of these types of venues are wonderful opportunities to let people know how through they may help relieve the stress, anxiety and financial burdens of patient-families traveling to Greater Philadelphia for medical care.

Outreach Spotlight

Each year we have exhibitors space at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women. At the October 2019 conference over 40 people signed up, together having affiliations with 22 organizations. One was the Philly Charities which subsequently gave us a $15,000 grant. Five people are becoming Hosts, and “Lunch and Learn” meetings are already scheduled with associates at a number of the companies.

“When I’m hosting I get to be the type of person I want to be.”
– Long-time Ardmore Host Bill Wilkinsky
How you may help build an inclusive community

  • Arrange with us to present to community groups with which you have a connection.
  • Arrange for our information table at community group venues.
  • Arrange for information about HOSTS for HOSPITALS to be listed on community group websites.
  • Nominate individuals from community groups to our Board of Directors.

No community gathering is too small, for just one new host will make a world of difference to the patient-families whom they Help.

As a first step, please call 484-380-2999 or send us a message below.