Corporate Partners

Engaging companies and their associates in
Hosting as a community service program.

Positively Impacting Lives

Are associates at your workplace encouraged to volunteer and make a difference in the community?
We welcome developing ongoing relationships with companies and their associates to both sponsor and promote Hosting and recruitment of Hosts to lodge patient-families.

Our corporate involvement program is rooted in personal connections. We each have people with whom we feel a bond. Most everyone can relate to the vulnerability of an out-of-town family coping with a medical situation.
For many company associates, helping to provide patient family lodging would be quite meaningful.
Please consider having Hosting patient-families and spreading word about the need for Hosts as one of the volunteer projects championed within your company!
“Imagine…if as few as five people become Hosts as a result of the community engagement activities of the associates at your company, and these Hosts each lodged three patient-families a year for five years, your service program will have helped 75 patient-families!!”
Engagement of Your company and associates

  • Open the door for us to begin a dialogue with an appropriate team or company level associate.
  • Arrange a ‘Lunch and Learn’ / other meeting so we may mutually learn about each other’s programs.
  • Arrange for our information table at community activities at which company associates participate.
  • Include HOSTS for HOSPITALS in the company Matching Gift Program to magnify the impact.
  • Celebrate the Hosting and Host-recruitment activities of company associates.
  • Nominate an associate to our Board of Directors.

Hosts regularly express that they feel they get us much from hosting as do their guests.

As a first step, please call 484-380-2999 or send us a message below: