From 20 years of experience, we can guide you
in creating your own Host-home program

Host-home programs may be created as part of:

  • a community group independent of any medical facility or hospital-hospitality facility
  • a medical facility, enabling more patients to receive medical care from that facility
  • a multi-family hospital-hospitality facility, allowing the facility to lodge patients and families which they otherwise would need to turn away

Among the areas in which we offer training are:

Host Recruitment, Training and Support

Patient-families’ needs vary greatly. We’ll share best practices for creating a Host-home network that offers lodging to meet each patient-family’s specific lodging needs. We’ll help you involve your community in recruiting the many types of Host-homes and Host-families needed. You’ll learn successful techniques to recruit, train and support Host-families in ways that will maximize both the Host and Guest experiences.

Patient-Family Referrals and Ongoing Hospital Relations

A Host-homes program functions best when it works in collaboration with medical departments to involve a minimum of hospital staff time. We have refined best referral practices so patients, in a timely manner, may effectively learn about the option of lodging at a volunteer Host-home.

Guest Placement and Lodging

Training will address Guest eligibility requirements, rules for when patients may be guests, factors to take note of in developing the Guest profile, time-effective procedures for identifying Host-home options for particular patient-families, and more.

Other Areas for Which We Offer Consultation

Obtaining nonprofit status, options for organizational structure, creation and management of board of directors, budgeting and financing, lodging needs assessment; record keeping, marketing, etc.

We welcome discussing with you the best way to set up your own Host-home program, given the dynamics of your community.

As a first step, please call 484-380-2999 or send us a message below.