Our ‘City of Brotherly Love’ is engaged in a collective, community effort to provide lodging for the ever-increasing numbers of patients and family traveling to Greater Philadelphia to receive specialized medical care.

We partner with clubs, places of worship, neighborhood associations, other nonprofits and businesses of all types. We welcome you to introduce our program through any community forum with which you interact, so people may know they may offer Patient-family housing and help spread word of this need.

Types of Lodging Needed
• Hotels
• Airbnbs
• In-Law Suites
• Parish Houses
• Cottage Houses/ADUs
• Corporate Apartments
• Residential Apartments
• Host-homes with Hosts present as well
Guest Ginny: “I have a 50 year-old son with severe congestive heart failure who was immediately transferred to Philadelphia. Within hours Hosts for Hospitals found us a home. This agency is incredible and miraculous… they are always looking for housing and partners and donations, give them a call to give them an assist!”
How You may help!
1 Invite friends and associates to become Hosts or offer Private-housing of any type as noted above.
2 Click here to print a housing-recruitment flyer to post at your place or work/worship, library, train stop, coffee shop, etc.
3 Arrange with us for information about our program to be listed on any group website.
4 Arrange for our staffed information table at any group event, e.g., music venues, community fairs, speakers series, organizational meetings and conferences.
5 Arrange for us to present in-person or virtually (e.g. ZOOM) to any group with which you are associated.
6 Publicize HOSTS for HOSPITALS via any social media
7 Open the door for us to speak with someone at your company regarding their Corporate Social Responsibility program.
8 Nominate someone to join to our Board of Directors.
No forum is too small, as each housing unit added to our network makes a world of difference to the patients and families helped!
As a first step, please call 484-380-2999 or send us a message: