Chrome browsers work best, though most other browsers work as well

When you click the ‘Record Video’ button above, please enter your name and email, then click ‘Continue to Record’.
A new page will open with two options: ‘Record Video’ and ‘Upload Video’.

If you click ‘Record’:

1) Click Get Started.
2) Click Record in the White Box. If you have already submitted a video, you can watch and re-record here as well.
3) Click Enable Camera & Microphone. If prompted to allow access to your camera and microphone, click ‘Allow’.
4) It will review your microphone and microphone settings. When set, click Get Started.
5) When you are ready, click ‘Record’ on the bottom middle of the screen and begin speaking after the count down.
6) When done recording, click ‘Stop’ at the bottom middle of the screen.
7) Click Review and Submit – or rerecord if you want to try another take.
8) When you are done, agree to the terms and conditions and click submit.
9) You are done, thank you!

NOTE: if you are recording on a phone, ideally do so in Landscape view held longest left to right, not up and down.