Chrome browsers work best, though most other browsers work as well.
To create your video:

1) Click the ‘Record’ button above
2) Click ‘Get Started’
3) Click the red ‘Record’ button on the ‘1 Question to Answer’ box which appears
4) Click the red ‘Enable Camera & Microphone’ button
5) Click ‘Allow’
6) If using a cell phone, turn your phone sideways
7) Scroll down and click the red circle beneath ‘Start recording here’
8) Begin speaking after the countdown and when done, click the white circle with the red square inside
9) Click the top ‘Save & return to question list’ bar, or the ‘Re-record this response’ bar if you wish to do so again
10) Scroll down to bottom-right and click the ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’ box
11) Click the ‘Subit’ button, which now appears in red.
12) Provide your email and full name
13) Click the red ‘Submit’ button and you are done, thank you!