Once you click on above button and the page opens, simply:
1) click on ‘allow’ for the camera–you will then be shown in the frame
2) click ‘Start Recording’ in the center of the screen and begin speaking
3) click ‘Finish Recording’ on the bottom right when you are done recording
4) You can watch your video by clicking play. You can re-record by clicking ‘Record Again’ if desired
5) click ‘Submit Video’ when you are happy with the recording
6) PLEASE send us an email (lodging@hostsforhospitals.org) with your information so we know who you are

**There are options at the bottom of the recording screen. The default settings should be fine. You may have to change the options if your camera or microphone isn’t working.

In making the webcam we suggest that:

1) it be about 1-2 minutes in length
2) there not be too much background light
3) you just speak naturally from the heart–when individuals submit scripted webcams, we have seen that these webcams tend to be stiff in presentation.

Chrome browsers also work best, though most other browsers work as well