Chrome browsers work best, though most other browsers work as well.
To create your video:

1) Click the ‘Record’ button above
2) Click ‘Get Started’
3) Click the red ‘Answer’ button
4) Click the red ‘Enable Camera & Microphone’ button
5) Click ‘Allow’
6) Scroll down and click the red ‘Get Started’ button
7) Click the rec video icon below the words ‘Press record to start’
8) If using a cell phone, turn your phone sideways
9) Begin speaking after the countdown, and when done, click the white circle with the red square inside
9) Click the red ‘Review & Submit’ button, or re-record if you wish to do again
10) Scroll down and check the ‘I agree to the terms & conditions’ box
11) Click the red ‘Submit’ button
12) Provide your email and name
13) Click the red ‘Continue’ button and you are done, thank you!