COVID-19 Guest Information


Prior to your arrival, our ‘Hosts’ are provided the CDC-recommended Cleaning Checklist to make your stay comfortable and safe.
The cleaning checklist

Ventilate rooms before being cleaned

Wash hands thoroughly before and after each cleaning

Wear disposable gloves while cleaning

Stock up on paper towels, disinfectant wipes, disposable cleaning supplies


We want you to know that before you check in, we’re doing our part to help patient-families stay safe by having lodging units including frequently touched surfaces cleaned, (keypads, doorknobs, remotes, light switches, cabinet handles, etc.)

Enjoy your stay!

Health and Safety Guidelines

The following guidelines are for lodging providers (‘Hosts’) and guests, based on guidance from the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control. You should also continue to monitor government travel advisories and follow local and national guidelines.

These measures cannot eliminate all risk. Especially if you are in a higher risk category, we recommend obtaining professional guidance and taking extra precautions.

1) Don’t travel or host if you’ve recently been exposed to or have symptoms of COVID-19

All Hosts, (including persons associated with the Hosts who may be present at the lodging unit before or during a stay) should not enter the unit or interact with the Guests, and Guests should not check into a unit, if any of the following are true:

  • They are actively infected or have tested positive with COVID-19 in the past 30 days
  • They suspect they are sick or have been exposed and are awaiting test results to confirm or deny a diagnosis of COVID-19
  • They are showing symptoms or are concerned about possible infection of COVID-19
  • They within the last 14 days have had close contact with an individual confirmed or suspected to be infected with COVID-19

2) Follow social-distancing guidelines

During the entire stay, Guests and Hosts should maintain distance from each other as recommended by the relevant regulatory authorities, (e.g., 6 feet). Avoid direct physical contact, with greetings always being without contact.

3) Wear a mask

If Hosts and Guests must interact or if there is a shared common area accessible to individuals outside of the Guest party, all should wear protective face coverings at all times.

4) Wash your hands regularly

Be sure to wash your hands often, especially if you’re in contact with people in the Guest party and are touching surfaces and utensils in a shared space or a common area. Wash your hands properly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol, coating your hands and rubbing them together until they feel dry.

Guests’ Frequently Asked Questions
How does the HOSTS for HOSPITALS’s lodging service differ from other hospital-related lodging?
Patient-family lodging is provided through a Private-Setting Lodging Network: AirBnBs, carriage houses, in-law suites, unused corporate apartments, vacant homes/apartments, volunteer-Hosts who have a spare bedroom in their homes. This service is available to all potential Guests regardless of a patient’s age, illness or number of people to be Guests.
Who are the ‘Hosts’ providing lodging?
Lodging is donated by lodging-providers (‘Hosts’) who may be individuals or corporations. Without being paid, both types of Hosts welcome patient-families in need into their respective lodging-properties. All such properties are screened before being accepted into the program, and a consultation with the prospective lodging-provider is conducted to identify all aspects of the property relevant to meeting potential Guests’ lodging needs.
What services do the ‘Hosts’ provide?
Hosts provide a comfortable place to sleep, a clean bathroom and a feeling of home. Sheets, towels, blankets and the like are included, as well as coordination to and arrival at the property. Hosts do not provide meals or transportation–these are the responsibility of the Guests. Prior to arrival, Guests will have the opportunity by phone or email to discuss with Hosts matters related to staying at the property.
For which medical facilities does HOSTS for HOSPITALS provide its lodging services?
Guests are accepted in association with patients receiving treatment at any medical facility within the area of Greater Philadelphia, including Southern New Jersey and Wilmington, Delaware.
How close is lodging to the hospitals?
Lodging depending upon the property typically will be a 10-45 minute drive from the respective medical facility.
Who may be a Guest?
Private-setting lodging is available to potential Guests regardless of a patient’s age, illness or number of people in the Guest-party, as long as the Guests:
• live so far from the hospital that commuting is difficult
• have a permanent home to return to
• are a patient, or are a support person for a patient receiving medical care at a Greater Philadelphia medical facility
• are free of alcohol or other substance dependency, and be without threatening mental health problems
Patients are eligible to be Guests as long as they can be independent, either by themselves or with the help of an accompanying support person.
Do Guests pay for this service?
To help cover the costs of our program, there is a $20/night/per-family service fee. The fee is not a charitable donation. Depending upon the lodging property, there may sometimes also be a parking fee, a utilities fee and/or a cleaning fee upon departure. Any such fees will be stated at the time of offering the property to the Guests.
What is the process for applying to be a Guest?
A relatively simple application form needs to be filled out. The application asks the specific needs of the Guest(s), so as to be matched with a lodging-property that best meets those needs. This application may submitted very easily online from the ‘Guests’ page of the HOSTS for HOSPITALS website. Guests may also call the HOSTS for HOSPITALS office, have an application emailed, or receive a call if they live within the U.S. Both the email application and online applications are available in English, Spanish and Mandarin.
What is involved in the Guest screening process?

Before lodging will be offered, Guests must meet CDC health and safety safety guidelines by submitting an online ‘guest liability release’ form attesting to their meeting such guidelines. Additionally, a personal character reference is required for each Guest age 18 and above. This reference person is usually a physician or other health care provider from the Guest’s home community. The reference is to affirm that the Guest is considerate, reliable, responsible and able to manage independently at the lodging-property. The rule of thumb is: would I invite this person to stay in my own home?

How soon are Guests placed once the application/ referral process is completed?

Placement is made on a first-come-first served basis, so Guests should apply as soon as they have a sense of about when they will be arriving. Once the referral process is complete, the Private-Setting Housing Network is immediately reviewed for a lodging-property where the Guests’ needs may best be met. Ideally there will be at least a number of days between when the application is submitted and when the lodging would begin, especially as time is needed to be able to reach the person(s) providing the personal character reference(s) for the GuestI(s). Once it is confirmed that a lodging property is available, the Guests are contacted with the Host’s name and own contact information.

What happens next after Guests are given the name and phone number of their ‘Host’?
Once Guests accept a lodging offer, Hosts are provided the names and contact information for the Guests. The Guests are then asked to contact that Host within 24 hours to coordinate arrangements for the stay. At this time Hosts and their Guests discuss any lodging guidelines regarding parking, property access, kitchen and/or laundry use, departure, etc. Guests are also asked to confirm the stay with their Host 48 hours before the expected arrival at the lodging property. If either Hosts or Guests need to change their plans, both should notify the other and the HOSTS for HOSPITALS office ASAP. Also, any additional Guests who have not gone through the screening process will not be able to stay at the lodging-property until a reference check is completed for them.
May Guests pay Hosts, give them a gift, or donate to HOSTS for HOSPITALS?
HOSTS for HOSPITALS is based upon people, out of goodness of their hearts, helping others in need. Hosts therefore are not allowed to accept payment from Guests. Similarly, as Hosts only wish for sincere expressions of thanks from their Guests, gifts that are at all expensive are discouraged. Tax-deductible gifts in support of HOSTS for HOSPITALS are welcomed via the website or mail:
HOSTS for HOSPITALS / 326 Conshohocken St. Rd. #2 / Gladwyne, PA 19035.
Guests are also invited to provide support by reaching out to their family, friends and colleagues such as through Facebook Birthday appeals, or the agency’s Friend-to-Friend Appeals campaign. For appeals details, pease contact HfH Director
Mike Aichenbaum: 484-380-2999, mike@hostsforhospitals.org.