Corporate Giving

Leverage the impact of your associates community involvement
by providing financial support for their volunteer efforts

Four Easy to Magnify the Impact!

#1: Does your company provide matching funds for United Way and other associate gifts to nonprofits?

as one of the charities to which
associates may give and feel that
they’ve doubled their impact!

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our designation card

Agency # 14146

#2: Does your company match associate hours volunteered in the community with grants to the nonprofit?

Many corporations have volunteer grant programs whereby for every hour an associate volunteers
at a nonprofit organization, the company will donate a given amount.

The numbers of volunteer hours recognized and the donation per volunteer varies by company.
Hosting patient-families is a recognized community volunteer activity.

Check with your company, and you may discover a very easy way to help even more!

3. May associates nominate a particular nonprofit to receive a direct gift from your company?

For example, the daughter of one of our Hosts worked at the John Templeton Foundation
and at end of 2018 nominated our program. As a result we received a $5,000 grant in 2019!

Check with your company, and you may discover another way to help even more!

#4: Could sponsoring our 20th Anniversary Gala be part of the company’s social responsibility

Click here to go to our 20th Anniversary Gala webpage to learn about sponsorship levels
and much more.