Corporate Community Champion:

Since May 2020, Vynamic on an ongoing basis has been provided a luxury corporate apartment to five patient-families, who together received a combined total of 219 nights of lodging:

1. The parents, 4 year-old sister and grandmother of a newborn baby S.F.,
while S.F. received three months treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia,
(view her mom’s expressions of gratitude on the video above)
2. A.W., coming for oncology care at the HUP, (pictured upper left, with his wife)
3. R.L., also coming for oncology care at HUP (pictured upper right, with husband and grandson)
4. 18 month-old A.B., coming for pulmonary care CHOP, (pictured bottom left, with parents)
5. J.S., coming for care to the CHOP Center for Fetal Diagnosis, (pictured bottom left, with husband, 2 year-old son)

Letter of collaboration (click on letter for full size):