The Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House now only allows four-persons per family at their facility, and no children under 12. Younger siblings of patients may not stay or visit.

Families Helping Families

HOSTS for HOSPITALS has housed 4,000 patients and their families over the last 22 years.

We provide two types of housing:

  1. Host-Homes with Host-families present as well, where Hosts and Guests are vaccinated
  2. Private-Setting Housing such as hotels, AirBnBs, In-law suites cottage houses, corporate apartments, vacant homes/apartments whose owners are away for any length of time

Contact us by phone, email or the form below if you or someone you know:

  • May have housing to offer at any time now through 2022
  • Would like to spread word about the patient-family housing need through personal or work/worship/community group social networks

We also invite you to donate now to help us help more patient-families.

484-380-2999 / lodging@hostsforhospitals.org

Another Patient-Family needs your help!

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What You Need to Know When Staying at a Host Location
Helpful Information for Hosting Patient-Families
“A second home to go to while patient-families were at my empty condo”