A Private Place for T.J. and His Family to Stay (and lodging for other patient-families as well)

T.J. is a 4 year-old boy from Florida who receives repeat treatments at CHOP for a dermatologic illness called Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa. His mother wrote of his condition:

“My son’s bandage changes are extremely painful (i.e. lots of crying) and last 8 hours and are usually started in the evening after we return from our appointments. He has extremely fragile skin and is bandaged from the neck down. We need space to set up a portable massage table to do the dressing change on. A bathtub is preferred but we can manage without one. We have a lot of medical gear that we use our stroller wagon to transport. He cannot walk distances and relies on the wagon.”

T.J., his mother, two grandparents & 6 year-old brother will need lodging for about a week at various times over the coming year. Many other patient-families also are in need.

Please contact us by phone, email, or the form below if you or someone you know may:

  • Have private housing to offer for any length of time, now through into 2022
  • You would like more information about becoming a Host yourself
  • Your business, organization or other network can help us spread the word about the need for patient-family housing
  • You wish to make a gift to assist us in helping more patients & families

You can also call us at 484-380-2999 / lodging@hostsforhospitals.org

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What You Need to Know When Staying at a Host Location
Helpful Information for Hosting Patient-Families
“A second home to go to while patient-families were at my empty condo”